Term's And Conditions

Revision Policy

TKDigitals offers revision based on the package you prefer. However, you can also request for unlimited free revisions in which the design and concept will remain the same. We take around 24 to 48 hours in completing the revision request.

Refund Policy

Refund is not applicable if:

  1. A discounted package is selected
  2. We have already approved your primary concept
  3. Revisions are requested
  4. Urgent projects
  5. Cancellation of order for the reasons not related to the company
  6. The client remains unreachable for over 2 weeks of the approved project
  7. Company’s policies are violated
  8. Competitor is approached after availing our service for the same project
  9. Lack of information provided for the ongoing project
  10. A complete change of requirements is demanded
  11. The claim has crossed the deadline of the given “request for refund”
  12. The project is called off or business is changing
  13. Cancellation because of personal reasons like “change of mind”, “lack of money”, “disagreement with partner”, etc that do not comply with our services shall not acquire refund in any circumstances
  14. Unsatisfied client with the entire package and not the particular service
  15. Refund request after final files are delivered to the client upon request
  16. Refund and revision is not applicable on packages or services labelled “free”
  17. Refund is not processed for services including, but not limited to, SEO, Social Media, Domain Registration, and Web Hosting under any circumstances
  18. We shall not approve Refund request for website design and development
  19. Refund request for logo design after receiving a positive feedback on revisions and final files being delivered shall not be approved
  20. Refund is not applicable to projects for which we outsource the work by third-party

Note: TKDigitals reserves rights to reject, hold, or cancel any project or contract if the company policies are not met or whatever the circumstances are. When the refund is granted, the client will have no rights to use our deliverables in other platforms for any reason. These deliverables will be our sole property, and no individual has the right to use our property without the consent. The company has the full right to take necessary actions against the property usage without consent.

How To Claim Refund?

The clients at TKDigitals can claim a refund by:

  • Contacting us through calling on our number
  • Live Customer Chat
  • Sending us an e-mail at: info@tkdigitals.com

We will try to be as responsive to your concerns as possible. Our company strives to facilitate revision queries immediately under the policy on mutual understanding.

Once the refund is granted to the client, TKDigitals will obtain your rights and then the client will not be able to view or access any version of the deliverables sent by the company. We shall also specify that:

  1. As the complete rights will be transferred to the company, the client agrees that it has no direct or indirect right to use our property, work product, content, or other media without the consent. Also, the client will not have any ownership interest in or the same.
  2. Partnering or working in collaboration with the Government Copyright Agencies TKDigitals would share Copyright Acquisition information for all the files under refund request that would particularly restrict the re-usage of the files as the original ones in the future.

For any queries or concerns about our revision and refund policy, feel free to contact our customer support or email us at info@tkdigitals.com

Quality Assurance Policy

TKDigitals strive to provide its clients with the desired satisfaction. Therefore, our professionals always prioritize your requirements and never deviate from the specifications provided by the clients.

The services we offer to our clients are only provided after a complete research and understanding of the project and its requirements. We ensure a unique and high-quality work that stands out from others.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to meet the client’s needs that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Hence, we perform through check and rework on the specifications until the desired results are achieved.

Prohibition Policy

TKDigitals respects the intellectual property rights for related individuals and does not extend its services to the clients concerning the material that:

  • Is copyrighted, unless the client is a copyright owner itself;
  • Reveals or publishes trade secrets, unless the client own them;
  • Invades the privacy, statutory rights, or public rights and infringes the proprietary or intellectual property rights of others;
  • Is threatening, defamatory, harassing, obscene, abusive, embarrassing, or hateful to other individuals or entity;
  • Is associated with sexual or pornographic activities;
  • Performs or linked with any illegal case or situation;
  • Constitutes solicitations or advertisements of business, chain letters or pyramid schemes

Delivery Policy

TKDigitals delivers the files for every order through email or sharing in the specified time given during order confirmation. We adhere to the policies concerning revision and refund, which are also subject to date and time of the order being delivered.

Our company also offers RUSH DELIVERY service, which allows the clients to have the sample of the work from us within 24-hours (additional charges apply).

You can contact our customer support for further assistance.

Record Maintenance

Our company keeps the record of all of its clients and orders. Also, we keep the record of the work once the final files are delivered to the client.

Besides, if a client requests a final file again in the future in case of loss/deleted/damage, we can send them again upon the request. This may take up to 48 hours depending on the package and service (additional charges apply).

Customer Support

We offer Customer Support to address all your queries and concerns. You can contact us any time during our working hours and our team will respond immediately.

Communication Policy

You agree TKDigitals is no way liable for any correspondence from email address (es) other than the official email address mentioned on our platform. Also, we are not liable for any correspondence from the contact number other than the one mentioned on our website. TKDigitals should never be held responsible for the damages caused by such correspondence. TKDigitals is only responsible for the communication initiated through our official email address (es) or contact number mentioned on our website.

Limitation of Liability

TKDigitals should not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, or unique damages caused by the business, profit, data loss, or revenue linked with your access to the website or services offered by us. We should not be held responsible for any personal losses, death, or injury. If the client is not satisfied with our service, bearing change of mind, finds competitors more competent, or considers our terms and conditions irrelevant, the client should stop accessing our site or services. Our company strives to provide a safe and secure platform to the potential clients. However, we don’t guarantee the absence of viruses or malware that may affect the user experience. Our clients are, therefore, encouraged to check the site and email attachments before performing the desired actions.

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