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Privacy Policy Statement

TKDigitals makes sure the client experiences safety and security in sharing their personal information with us. Our professionals collect the desired information from the clients, which is the requirement of our order confirmation process. Our company also follows strict record keeping protocols and related standards to collect the right information and avoid it being shared with other individuals or entities. We restrict our employees from using the information other than the company’s services without the consent.

Information Collection

The professionals at TKDigitals tend to collect client information through email, phone, contact us, live chat, and order form. The details that our client provides us are theft-protected according to our policy defined by the company.

Our company also ensures that no personal and private information is disclosed, leaked, shared, or sold with any third party services. Also, we never ask our clients to provide us with the complete details before the work starts. We make sure that the clients provide us the personal details, which include name, company name, contact information, and billing address.

Besides the personal information, we may require the creative information that would help us in completing the order or fulfilling the service requirement. It will include the client’s ideas, feedback, and complaints regarding the work and service availed.

TKDigitals requires technical information as well. The information comprises of the cookies, which are significant in offering the best user experience concerning the site access. The cookies will carry your browser details, version, IP address, operating system, date, and time of visiting the site. Our company uses Google Analytics to collect the significant information.

How we use your information?

The professionals at our company interpret the collected information for a better understanding of your expectations regarding the service. We aim to understand the gathered resources, which are important for completing the order process. With the billing information, we tend to deliver the service and potential deliverables to the client beyond the limits.

Using the contact information, our customer support communicates with the client regarding the order progress, further requirements, possible delays (if any), and feedback for the service availed.

All the information collected by TKDigitals is vital in making creative and strategic decisions. We also use the client’s information to meet our marketing needs. The strategies developed using the information are often used to build campaigns that contribute to customer engagement and more sales.

Privacy Of Payments

TKDigitals conforms privacy of online transactions to/from our platform. We use secure payment methods that offer acceptance to the potential customers. Our payment process is hassle-free and accommodates every transaction according to the client’s expectations. The payment process at TKDigitals includes Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is present in the domain. Through SSL, the billing processes are end-to-end secured from any theft or attack.


Our company also ensures confidentiality to its clients. TKDigitals offers highest extent of security to the clients where their information, site access, and other activities are protected from any fraud or theft.

We make sure that the client’s information is only used by the company for completing the order, marketing, and communication purposes. Hence, the provided information is kept and stored in a secure location, which is only accessed by the authorized individuals.


TKDigitals reserves the right to change, amend, or modify the privacy policy concerning the security dynamics and industry standards.

However, we aim to inform our clients about any changes made to the policy prior to order confirmation.

Conditions Of Information Disclosure

Our company avoids information disclosure. We only believe in sharing the information with consent, which is also not distributed or shared out of the company. However, information disclosure is only possible in the situation where the country's law for judicial proceedings, court orders, and legal procedures bound us.

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